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  • Andrea Garcia

Why Your Home Needs a Video Walkthrough

One of the best ways to get more eyes on your property when it goes on the market is to create a video walkthrough.

A video walkthrough is exactly what it sounds like: a brief video—typically less than five minutes—that takes a viewer through a property to provide an idea of the home’s layout and to showcase its potential to a prospective buyer. Sometimes we pair them with voiceovers in order to highlight the home's unique features. Walkthroughs are becoming a staple marketing tool for Realtors who provide a higher-end experience and for good reason.

Marketing Your Home Online

Videos are a growing trend online that isn't going away. Every social media feed is full of videos, and studies have shown people tend to interact better with videos when compared to static images.

When it comes to viewing a home, where a buyer is actively looking at every little detail to inform their decisions, a video offers more context, bringing life and personality to a house and making it easier for a potential buyer to envision themselves in the space.

The ability to market effectively through social media and with targeted ads also opens doors to a huge audience—one of our walkthrough videos for a client's home recently hit 17,000 views! That kind of exposure is significant, as it usually leads to a faster sale. Chances are, you are not going to reach those kinds of numbers with a photo set.

A Time-Saving Solution

Walkthroughs also offer the advantage of being the next best thing to viewing a home in-person. These videos give your home the unique ability to attract out-of-state buyers who may not be around to walk the space physically. Anyone moving to Arizona from another state will be seeking listings that offer them as much information and as complete a picture as possible. A video may help an out-of-state buyer decide it is either worth the trip to come and see your home in person, or even give them enough confidence to put in an offer, site “unseen.”

Stand Out From the Crowd

Yet for all the popularity of videos in today’s world, video walkthroughs by Realtors are still not the norm, potentially due to factors like agency budget constraints or the relative newness of the practice. Photos remain the dominant method of exposure, so a video really gives your home a chance to stand out among the competition and land you a buyer that much sooner.

It may sound simple to put one together but the truth is, not just any video will do your home the justice it deserves. So, what makes for an effective walkthrough? A well-thought-out, easy-to-follow script that captures not only the selling points of the home, but any benefits or features of the surrounding neighborhood too. Since the video quality will also affect how buyers perceive your home, it is important to have the right equipment and personnel to create a high-definition product that will impress viewers and make your property shine.

But even the most well-crafted video will be ineffective we don’t get it out there. That's why we use targeted Google ads to make sure the walkthrough of your home reaches the right audience. Your home has a story to tell, and we want to ensure it is told in the most effective way possible.

Interested in listing your home and giving your home its very own video walkthrough? Contact me today!


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