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  • Andrea Garcia

What a Realtor Really Does

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, chances are you’ve heard that you should work with a Realtor. But why? What is the benefit of partnering with a Real Estate agent, and what exactly do they do?

Licensed Professionals

A real estate agent is a licensed professional who facilitates the buying, selling, and even leasing of real estate. There are a few different roles an agent can fill, and the type you work with will depend on your role in the transaction.

A buyer’s agent represents the home buyer and helps guide them through the entire buying process, from searching for a potential home and putting in an offer all the way through to closing. On the other side of the fence, a seller’s agent—or listing agent—assists the seller with everything from putting their home on the market to getting it viewed and finally old.

Occasionally, you may also see a dual agent, in which a single agent (or even two different agents from the same brokerage) represents both the buyer and seller in a single transaction. Dual agency is illegal in many states, as it often carries the potential for a conflict of interest. In Arizona, dual agency is legal as long as all parties involved are informed and sign consent.

You’ve probably also heard the term Realtor, perhaps even used it interchangeably with “real estate agent.” They often perform similar functions, but a Realtor is someone who is part of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and is held to the organization’s strict code of ethics. NAR membership is not exclusive to real estate agents—appraisers, property managers, brokers, and other industry professionals may also be Realtors.

Have an Agent In Your Corner

If you’re debating whether to use a real estate agent when buying or selling, it may help to know that most people do—in 2021, 86 percent of buyers used an agent when purchasing their home.

Real estate transactions can be incredibly complex, time-consuming, and emotionally draining; the experience we bring and the services we provide far exceed going it alone.

On the seller side, the right agent will be able to successfully market your home, reach and bring in more potential buyers, and snag a great final sale price. For a buyer, a savvy agent will use their expertise to negotiate a more favorable deal than a buyer alone may be able to achieve.

Day In The Life

So, what does a real estate agent do? On a day-to-day basis, I do a variety of different things. I will negotiate deals on behalf of a client, work within the Multiple Listing Service (or MLS) to post new listings or explore potential options for a buyer, arrange showings and open houses, complete paperwork associated with offers and purchase agreements, and communicate information to mortgage lenders.

At the heart of all these tasks is an agent’s obligation to serve in their client’s best interest, and our mission is always to provide a concierge approach to ensure a smooth experience. I am so grateful to be able to help so many families find their dream homes, as well as transition elderly loved ones to safer environments.

Having an agent who understands the state of the market to confidently advise you when you should or shouldn't compromise is vital to the sale of any home. If you’re ready to find your dream home, sell your home, downsize or right-size, I would love to connect with you today!


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