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  • Andrea Garcia

It's Time to Elevate your Curb Appeal

Andrea Garcia Professional Realtor

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your home's curb appeal. Your home can make a great first impression—on visitors and potential buyers—with just a few simple improvements.

Revamp Your Landscaping

Landscaping might be the best thing you can do to improve your curb appeal. The fastest and least expensive way to improve your landscaping is to clean out any weeds and dead plants and top up the rocks in your yard.

House in Arizona with beautiful landscaping / garden

Photo Credit: Pinterest

When it comes to planting, choose desert-friendly plants. Not only will they require less care and maintenance, but they also create an attractive aesthetic that shows off the beauty of Arizona. You can speak to your local nursery for suggestions on the best plants for your area. Popular desert plants include the Palo Verde tree, prickly pear cactus, barrel cactus, and the brightly colored Bougainvillea.

Paint the Door

Painting your front door is another quick, inexpensive update that will instantly boost your curb appeal. Go with a trendy, bold color that will stand out, or stick with a traditional, muted color like navy blue or dark gray. Either way, a fresh coat of paint will make any home look more modern and welcoming.

Power Wash It

We don’t often think about washing the outside of our homes, but power washing the exterior can make your home look new again. Don’t forget to wash the porch, driveway, deck, and anywhere else dust and dirt have accumulated over the years. If you don’t have a power washer, head to your local home improvement store to rent one.

Man power washing the driveway

Add New House Numbers

Most of us don’t give much thought to our house numbers, but it’s important that they’re visible from the street. This makes it easier for visitors, delivery drivers, and potential buyers to find your house. If your street address is hard to see or is looking a bit sad, you can replace the numbers. Find a style that complements the look of your house or adds visual interest. Most importantly, make sure they’re big enough to see from the street!

Man putting house number at the front door

Light It Up

After all that hard work you put into improving your curb appeal, don’t let the beauty disappear with the sun. Add some spotlights to highlight the best parts of your landscaping at night. You can also light up your walkways, which will not only look fantastic but also provide safety and security. Solar lights are perfect for this and easy to install, with no wiring and no additional electric cost. If your current fixtures are older, swap them out for a fresh look, and make sure they have bright light bulbs.

Arizona house with spotlight in the garden

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Need More Ideas?

For curb appeal inspiration, take a walk around your neighborhood. Pick out your favorite landscapes and house facades, and see how you can incorporate those styles into your own home. By drawing ideas from your neighbors, you’ll beautify your own home while keeping the overall look of your neighborhood.

Before the hot weather hits and you’re busy planning a summer vacation, you can easily make your home can stand out from the crowd with a few simple exterior updates.

Enhancing your curb appeal increases the value of your home, and that’s good whether or not you’re planning to sell your home this season. When you're ready to list your home or if you're looking to buy, I'd love to connect with you today!


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