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  • Andrea Garcia

Discover What Your House is Worth

Andrea Garcia Professional Realtor

Home prices are still rising, so many people are taking advantage of this opportunity to sell while the market is hot. If you’re thinking of selling, the first question that you should ask is, how much is my house worth?

The answer is that your house is worth as much as buyers are willing to pay for it. Online tools and your Realtor can help you determine what this amount is, so you can decide if you want to sell your home and at what price point.

Websites like Zillow can give you an estimate of your home’s value, but that’s only a starting point. Those sites can only give you a ballpark value that is based on an algorithm. It only considers factors like the number of bedrooms, square footage, location, and market activity. Redfin, Trulia, and the like don’t account for the upgrades you’ve made or whether you have the biggest yard in the neighborhood.

Get A Customized RPR Report

An RPR report shows you all the details about home sales in your area so we can accurately assess the value of your property. RPR is the Realtors Property Resource, a database available exclusively to Realtors like me. If you're thinking about selling, I can provide you with a personalized RPR report that will tell you exactly how much your home is worth today.

Property value photo indicating the location, market, age, condition, improvements and neighborhood.

The RPR report will lay out everything that’s going on with real estate in your neighborhood—not only how much similar homes are selling for, but also how quickly they’re selling, whether they’re getting multiple offers, if homes are selling for more or less than the list price, and more.

When you get an online estimate, the algorithm doesn't know if you've remodeled your kitchen or installed a new furnace. The RPR report is customized to reflect the improvements that you've personally made to your home. With this report that's unique to your home, I can show you how much it has grown in value since you upgraded or remodeled.

How Your Home Value Can Change

In addition to providing you with an accurate picture of your home's current value, the RPR report can be customized to show you what impact potential changes might have on the price of your home.

Perhaps you’re thinking of remodeling before you sell, but you want to know if you’ll get your money’s worth. Your personalized RPR report will show you how that remodel would affect your selling price.

With the report as a guide, I can also recommend improvements you can make to your home that will increase its value and speed up a sale. Upgrades as simple as cleaning up your garden beds can go a long way toward improving your curb appeal, getting more buyers interested in your house, and ultimately leading to a faster sale.

The numbers in a database available to anyone with internet access are not able to show you the whole picture. They don’t know your neighborhood nor can they see the condition of your home. This is why personalization is so important.

I take into account all the details of your home and neighborhood in order to get you an accurate value. If you’re ready to find out how much your home is worth, connect with me today for your free personalized RPR report.


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