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  • Andrea Garcia

Sell Your Home for the Holidays

Andrea Garcia Realtor

The holiday season is upon us, bringing cooler weather and a prime time to sell your home. That’s right, while spring may be the most popular time to sell a house, putting your house on the market during the holidays has its advantages. This time of year, there’s less competition from other sellers, and winter buyers are generally serious buyers.

You can still have a wonderful holiday season while your home is on the market. With a festive neighborhood and light decorating, you’ll bring those warm, joyous feelings to potential buyers, making them want to spend their next holiday in your former house.

Selling During The Season

Selling Houses during holiday season house figurine with checkered bow on top with silver beads

If someone is looking at your home around the holidays, you can expect that they’re serious about buying. In the spring and summer, people go to open houses just for fun, casually looking or perhaps not in the market at all. But during the holidays, people are often too busy to browse houses if they aren’t actually considering buying.

Snowbirds always flock to Arizona in the winter, and some of them will be looking to make it a permanent home. Other buyers may have had a job transfer at the end of the year and need to purchase now, despite the time of year. Whatever their reasons, snowbirds and serious buyers are in the Valley ready to buy.

With fewer homes on the market, your house will stand out if you sell during the holidays. The lack of inventory also means you’ll probably be able to sell more quickly, and you may also be able to command a higher price, even without a bidding war.

Arizona, Phoenix House with beautiful trees

Staging Your Home

If you want to sell your home quickly and for the highest price, make sure you put its best face forward.

When selling a home at any time of year, it’s important to keep it tidy and uncluttered. During the holidays, you can still have a festive look, with clean and minimal decorating. It just might be that cheerful ambiance that makes your buyer say Yes!

When it comes to decorating, you want the decor—whether it’s holiday or everyday—to accent your home, not hide it. Think about the characteristics that made you buy in the first place, then make sure your decorations don’t detract from the best features of your home.

Arizona house with simple Christmas lights decorations outside

Here are some staging tips for selling during the holidays:

Clean and declutter. Do this before you start decorating. You want to make your house look as spacious as possible, not add to an already cluttered area.

spacious living room after declutter before putting up Christmas decoration

Keep decorations on the minimal side. In order to show off the best parts of your home, some of your decorations will need to stay in the box this year. Use colors that complement rooms, like silver, gold, and white. Do your best to keep views from your large windows unobstructed. If you have a Christmas tree, make sure it’s not overpowering the space it’s in.

Brighten your lights. It’s getting darker outside earlier, so make sure it’s bright inside all the time. Before a showing, turn on all the lights and make sure to replace any burned-out or dim bulbs. Keep holiday lighting to a minimum, though, using simple lights to elegantly highlight your home’s architecture.

simple Christmas decorations in the living room

This is the most wonderful time of the year, and you deserve to have a realtor who will be available to you even when Santa’s on his way. If you’re ready to buy or sell this holiday season, connect with me today!


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